Best-in-class Database of Automobile Industry

Smart Data Interpretation and In-depth Market Analysis

WAYS’ Best-in-class automotive big data tracks and integrates data of different types of products and marketing insight as well as consumer study in comprehensive, objective and timely manner. It attains interoperability of data and insight, establishes market-wide data system with information among outside and inside of the enterprise, supports automakers to master the pulse of their products and competitors performance, the overall market and industry situation.

Comprehensive and BIC Database System

WAYS ensures data quality and accuracy based on reliable data sources, all-round control and rigorous audit process. Data are multi-dimensional and correlated, covering all lifecycles and automotive industrial chain.

  • Persistent

    continuous upgrading, full range related
  • Real-time

    real-time tracking, timely updated
  • Objective

    objective,real, accurate and reliable


types of automobile industry data

New energy vehicle
Consumer insight
Industry news
Product planning
Sales management
Price management
Dealer management
After-sale service
Dealer partners in



Comprehensive and Multi-dimensional In-depth Market Analyses

WAYS provides a suite of market analysis services based on market dynamics mechanism to look at the market performance through various types of data related to product, price & promotions, sales, sales channels, brand, advertising, consumer, macro economy, etc. Those multi-dimensional and in-depth market analyses support your needs to timely and comprehensively understand the current market and movement trend, to identify the key drivers of price and volume, to capture market opportunities and consumer demand trend, and to make subsequent strategies and plans.

  • Price Data

    WAYS has 10-year data accumulation. We monitor MSRP of each car model and version and retail price down to city level, which come from actual transaction data from more than 1,300 dealer partners covering 80% of cars available in the market(based on sales) and 54 cities in 6 regions.

  • NEV Market

    We provide all-life-cycle-based NEV research and consulting service, solutions covering industry insight, consumer insight, product planning, market insight to help OEM clients know the market comprehensively and clearly.

  • Sales Volume & Mix

    WAYS provides the quickest monthly sales data (last-month data obtained on 12th day of the month) down to city level. With VIN code, you can see the transaction city and invoice price, cross-regional sales and stock car sales.

  • After-sale Business

    Accessory price tracking, after-sale service and after-sale data analysis are available to support OEMs and IAMs on pricing strategy making, competitor information collection and development trend analysis.

  • Product Planning

    Through WAYS marketing monitoring system, internet big data, industry association data, domestic and foreign auto shows, new car calendar and equipment layout is monitored. WAYS equipment data base covers up to 700 items of detailed parameters and equipment situation of all on-sell cars and intelligent database provides equipment query, competitiveness comparison and MCE upgrade effect simulation and other services.

  • Auto Finance

    Through mature data collection process, interpretation system and report analysis, WAYS provides various types of finance scheme indexes and data support for customers to develop or adjust their finance program. By January 2018, WAYS has tracked more than 20 finance companies, covering 40+ brands, collecting 7000 files in 4 years.

  • OEM News

    By monitoring and interpreting competitors’ incentive policy, you can improve your own incentive policies with best support for the retail market. By January 2018, WAYS has tracked more than 80 OEMs, covering JV, local and imported brands, 8-year accumulation with up to 65000+ files.

  • Consumer insight

    Trace user behavior based on product lifecycle so as to objectively, fully reflect online and offline buyer concern, preference and purchase decision-making affecting factors.

  • Dealer Tracking

    Obtain 4S store basic attributes, operation indexes to make a domestic dealership network research dimensions from store stock, showroom traffic, order and sales target, and provide support on regional sales management, dealer network and dealer credit monitoring.

  • Industry News

    Keep an eye on national policy, industry event, OEM news in the automotive market, and make in-depth comments on hot topics to provide OEMs with the most rapid and professional industry news report and analysis.

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