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    Deepening intelligent solution for automotive industry

    High-speed computing and strong IT support

    Using advanced IT technology, integrating complex and unstructured data with business logic, i-WAYS platform provides you intelligent decision-making solution in automotive industry.

    WAYS helps you

    • Correlate diversified, large-amount and complex data

      Extensive and complex data formats such as excel, text, internet data, API files and pictures are stored in a large data center to make a correlated efficient database.

    • Highly flexible respond to demand changes

      Microservice is highly flexible to make the deployment process smooth. If one service goes down, it may not affect the rest the system. And latest technology can be used for new Microservice with less risk compared to Monolithic architecture as technology is changing every day.

    • Intelligent computing to improve result accuracy

      Use Spark to compute massive data to find out and remove abnormal data, improve data accuracy in application and promote result accuracy through correlation inference and logistic regression methods.

    Supported by strong IT technologies

    Use advanced IT technology, tailored professional system and tools for data input, storing them in distributed databases such as Hadoop/HDFS, Mongodb, Mysql; use Spark for streaming and real-time synchronous operations under big data analysis scenario; the computing result is presented in products in excel or chart after integrating with business logic data through each micro service container.

    Customized Professional Services

    While WAYS BI System can be accessed and displayed on multi-platforms such as PC, iPad, etc., it can be also tailored towards special business rules, constraints, and calculation methods according to our clients’ request.

    • Tailored Data Management Service

      WAYS aims to provide our clients’ robust and customized data management system by helping our customers standardizing data format, validating data accuracy, and integrating various sources of data.

    • Customer Self-defined Analysis

      In addition to the multi-dimensional market indicators and indexes WAYS-DATA developed, special business rules and calculation methods can be applied according to your requests.

    • Customized interface

      Charts, tables, colors and operational order can be customized according to customers’ preferences.