Perfect Match between Modeling and
Algorithm Library

Intelligent Decision-making

With high-speed cloud computing technology and intelligent machine learning algorithms, WAYS helps you quickly grasp the market by building various models fitting business logic to effectively filter information and avoid the impact from massive data; predict market prospects with advanced insight to opportunities; intelligent decision-making advice to improve decision-making efficiency makes clients easier to deal with market changes.

Match Your Decision-making Logic

Use massive data to build machine learning model, so as to make the machine know how to think, find rules, and forecast the future trend.

  • Trace product news

    Output the most likely consumer sentiment analysis based on the word vector model contextual memory, use clustering technology to divide competition circle in the most scientific way, and measure competition relationship, so as to alarm abnormal situation of competitors in real-time.

  • Quantify all factors affecting sales

    Nested Logit model is used to quantify impact on sales from competition between models and other factors, break down historical sales into the contribution from various factors, and finally find out reasons for sales change.

  • Price-volume analysis

    We use correlation analysis to analyze the deep relationship between sales and prices, and intelligently analyze the effect of price changes.

  • Simulate market scenarios to forecast future trend

    We use multi-layer perceptron to simulate how much it should be sold given a sales target, and then synthesize models and algorithms to forecast market sales and price trends, and ultimately optimize your goals and strategy development.

Machine Learning in WAYS modeling and algorithm library

Machine learning

Cope with scenario problems

  • Reinforcement learning
    Timely alert of market situation
  • Naive Bayesian Model
    News Classification
  • Ensemble learning
    Market forecast
  • Artificial neural network
    Consumer WOM analysis
  • Regression Analysis
    Driving factor insight

Mining data value based on business understanding

Modeling is the crucial part of the entire data mining process. It interacts with and promotes the understanding of data. WAYS select and use algorithms based on data understanding, matching algorithm library to enhance the utility of models.

By modeling, we can

  • Save your time

    it takes a few seconds to complete the computer's operations that take many years to complete in reality.

  • Save your cost

    the experimental cost of model analysis is much lower than the real cost of practice alone

  • Lower the risk

    the model can deal with many uncertain factors in the business and assess risks associated with different actions

  • Quantify contributors

    the model can accurately and stably quantify the affecting factors and provide a more accurate base for decision-making

  • Efficiency and innovation

    the model will have machine learning and training on WAYS data base to provide better strategic suggestions for unknown market

WAYS Intelligent Decision Platform (i-WAYS)

i-Solution Scenario Decision Support System


Professional Automotive Data Analysis Platform

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