i-Analytics Management Information System

Systematic & Integrated Data Management Enables Market Insight Analyses from Holistic POV

i-Analytics is a highly effective and efficient analytical tool that allows you to quickly access data, easily conduct routine analysis based on massive amount of data, and gain business insights.

Visualization of the Ever-changing Automotive Market

  • Market forecast

    Nationwide model and segment forecast and insight

    Market forecast

    National segment sales forecast system and in-dept
    Nationwide model sales forecast system
  • Product planning

    Product life cycle planning, equipment analysis and optimization management

    Product planning

    Model Lifecycle management
    Model equipment base
    Equipment consumer perceived value research
    Equipment optimization stimulator
    Equipment significance research
  • Sales management

    Analyze market in various angles diagnose market opportunities and pain points

    Sales management

    Sales analysis system
    Mix analysis system
    Sales analysis and diagnose system
  • Price management

    Online and offline price tracking and analysis

    Price management

    Price tracking and analysis system
    Online price tracking and analysis system
    Auto finance analysis system
  • Dealer management

    Dealer development analysis and optimization

    Dealer management

    Dealer development analysis system
    Trading-zone division analysis system new
  • After-sale service

    After-sale price tracking

    After-sale service

    Dealer after-sale profit analysis system
    Part price monitoring systemnew
  • Industry dynamics

    Industry news & dynamics and auto finance analysis

    Industry dynamics

    Industry news analysis systemnew
    Showroom indicator analysis system
  • Consumer insight

    Insights on consumers’ purchase behaviors, car using habits and satisfaction

    Consumer insight

    Purchase demand and funnel research
    PV new owner research
    Consumer mobility research

Aid Our Clients in Problem Solving

Continuously monitoring and tracking market movers and shakers as well as the automotive industry development and evolvements
In-depth market analysis can be achieved through correlation analysis
Ensure quick delivery of market correlation studies
Allows clients to quickly and easily access/process data

Make Analysis Simple-Video about i-Analytics

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